Our symbols

What gathers us


The clan badge

Cimier du clan Ramsay

Clan members can show their allegiance to the clan by wearing a badge representing the Clan Crest. The insignia of the crest usually represents the heraldic crest of the chiefs surrounded by a belt and a buckle.

The crest and the motto in the insignia are the heraldic property of the only Clan Chief. Wearing such a badge, the members of the clan show their allegiance to their Chief. The crest represents a silver unicorn’s head, cut and armed with gold.

La campanule bleue

Our vegetal symbol

Another symbol of the Clan is the plant. This is a branch of harebell worn with the crest on a bonnet. It is a blue harebell.


Our Chief is engaged to the
Royal Family



The most popular of the tartans attributed to the Ramsay name comes from the Vestiarium Scoticum published in 1842. Although it has been proven that the Vestiarium was a misinformation of the Victorian era, many clan tartans come from it. Here are some tartans still in use in the Clan:
Tartan bleu

Blue hunting tartan.

Tartan rouge "Dalhousie"

"Dalhousie" tartan. This one is used during formal meetings.

Tartan rouge Angus

Red "Angus" tartan is the one of the Angus & Mearns baronies.

Ramsay orange

Orange tartan is a modern one.

Ramsay vert

Green tartan.

Ramsay blanc

Black and White tartan is a modern creation of Eleanor Ramsay.